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post-trauma support and trauma risk management TRiM


Over the past few years, I have focused on building up my experience in offering post-trauma support to organisations in the Oil & Gas Industry.  Trauma Risk Management is a peer support system used when a traumatic, or potentially traumatic event occurs. TRiM is recommended by the National Institute for Health (NICE) on the principle of active monitoring, with the underpinning focus on post-incident distress being short-term, without the need for further intervention.   


I hold Practitioner level training and can assess for signs of acute stress disorder, implement TRiM assessments, planning and offer guidance on appropriate trauma interventions when required.  This is key to meeting an employer's duty of care requirements, is a hugely powerful strategy for all individuals concerned, and helps reduce the stigma of mental health.

Fiona L Munro psychotherapist based in aberdeenshire
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